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Helping apply sun care products, muscle relief sprays, bug repellents and any aerosol product with ease to any area not easily reached 


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SprayWhip is a reusable improved dispensing system for aerosol canisters. By carefully removing existing top off of your favorite aerosol spray can and placing the Spraywhip spray system on it you are able to transform it into a full body spray reachable system. The SprayWhip system features a flexible rigid tube connected to the valve actuator that allows user to maintain any position of the  dispensing nozzle in a fixed position. 


SprayWhip possibilities

Any aerosol  product can be adapted to easily use this aerosol spray system! Bug repellants, muscle relief products, foot sprays, anti itch and moisturizer sprays are  some examples of products that could help end user with any type of mobility issues. 

SprayWhip is granted a United States patent (utility patent #10,065,791) and seeking license and royalty agreements. 

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